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AGTX-2004 is a CB1R antagonist that has produced compelling pre-clinical
data in its ability to lower blood glucose, body weight and triglycerides and
thus its promise as a potential treatment for T2D, obesity and NALFD.

AGTX-2004 Results in db/db Mice

“SD” stands for “Standard Diet”; “HFD” stands for “High Fat Diet”

These results demonstrate that AGTX-2004 was able to lower blood glucose while maintaining increased insulin levels. Importantly, AGTX 2004 was able to maintain sensitivity to insulin, hence demonstrating potential efficacy inT2D patients.

Data courtesy NHRI Taiwan

AGTX-2004 Results in DIO Mice Compared to Rimonabant

In Diet Induced Obese (DIO) mice, AGTX-2004 was able to demonstate superiority over both control and rimonabant to lower body weight and hepatic lipids, thus demonstrating is potential efficacy in patients with obesity and NAFLD.

Daily oral dosing AGTX-2004 (PO, vehicle: DMSO/Tween80/water,1/1/8)
R = Rimonabant; STD = BALB Mouse; DIO = Diet Induce Obese Mouse
Data courtesy NHRI Taiwan

AGTX-2004 Has Unique Positioning in the Areas of Metabolic Diseases