Developing Pharmaceuticals and Health Solutions for Patients
and Consumers that Target the Endocannabinoid System


Natural Therapeutics

Innovative Wellness

AGENTIX Biopharma Corp.

AGENTIX Biopharma Corp. (OTC:AGTX), a publicly traded company, is an early-stage company that is pursuing the development of a comprehensive suite of health solutions for patients and consumers, with a balance of near-term generic cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products with a proprietary delivery system, and longer-term small molecule pharmaceuticals targeting the G-protein coupled receptors (“GPCRs”) of the endocannabinoid system, through the design, development and commercialization of those specialized products defined below.

Product Development Pipeline

The Company has identified a targeted collection of Consumer Wellness and Pharmaceutical product opportunities, the majority of which will be designed to offer a more sophisticated and intelligent product offering in the multi-billion-dollar global market. The first category shall consist of a series of products that incorporate a proprietary and proven cellular delivery technology for the Consumer market. Further advancements of these novel biocomplexes will be used in the development and production of pharma-grade products for more specific clinical applications in dermatology, oncology, and neurology. A second proprietary category will include a series of newly created molecules which act specifically on the endocannabinoid receptors for applications regulating metabolism as well as additional indications in nephrology and neurology.

Management & Operations

One of the key attributes of these combined companies is the contribution of experienced Management Teams and Scientific Advisors with a collection of industry experience to ensure efficiencies in product development, mitigation of clinical risks, financing and regulatory expertise, and commercialization.

Goals & Objectives

The immediate primary objective is to secure proper financing to advance developments and to support operations. Such positioning will provide opportunities to raise additional working capital, offer liquidity to shareholders, and position the Company for future growth and profitability.